Monday, June 4, 2007

A Humble Beginning

With this post I begin my humble fishing blog. Zonker is my handle, stage name, moniker, nickname, or whatever else requires an alias. I haven't decided whether I'll include a profile of my real info. For now all I'll say is that I live in Western Oregon, USA. My intention with this blog is to post the records of my fishing trips. These take place mostly in my own area, within driving distance of my home. If you happen by I welcome you to browse but I'll try not to reveal my fishing spots in such a way that hundreds can see and exploit them. So please, don't ask. I welcome you to go find your own. Besides, if you found out the location of my secret spots I'd have to kill you. :-)

Most of the fish you see here have been caught and released to fight again. I make few exceptions to this. I like to eat fish but I enjoy catching them even more, so I'll usually make every effort to return them to the water, able to recover quickly from the fight. I'm glad to see many other anglers doing the same.

I fish by myself mostly, though occasionally with a friend or with my grandchildren. The photos, of necessity, are usually self generated. I either take them with the fish lying on a grassy spot or set up my camera on a portable tripod in an area I'm fishing and use the timed shutter function. I'm just an average guy who uses a mostly automatic camera so take that into consideration as you judge the pictures. Occasionally I'll get a lousy picture or a really big fish. If that happens I'll usually post it anyway, preferring a bad pic of a good fish to no pic of a good fish. This is a fishing blog, not a photography blog.

This first month of June, 2007 I intend to post some of the trips I've taken this spring - at least the successful ones. Like all anglers, sometimes I get skunked. Then sometimes I do really well.



TubeN2 said...

Way to go Uncle Z. I see you are strengthening your passion for the Bugle Mouth Bass.


Zonker said...

Hey Steve!

Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I've developed quite a passion for catching BIG carp. I like that powerful pull on the other end.


smallmouth said...

Hey Zonk!

It's Don from Canada. I see that at this point you are absolutely, undeniably addicted to flyrod carp. You are also fast becoming very good at it.
I am going to a lake tomorrow to fish for crappie but i know this lake has a healthy carp poulation so if the crappie don't co-operate I'll be cruising the shoreline in my kayak looking for carp. If and when I find them if the bottom is conducive to it, I will wade and sightfish for them. (If you never hear from me again you'll know the bottom was "quicksand"!)

Respecting your expertise I would like to know the following.

1.Should i use my 8wt. 9wt or can I use my 6wt.

2.How much backing? I only have one reel with backing on it thus far.

3 Floating line, sink tip, Stillwater intermediate clear line?

4. Weighted or unweighted flies? I usually fish weighted flies on my floating line and unweighted and buoyant flies on a full sink line.

5. What two flies would you recommend I tie up today in preparation for my first ever flyrod carp experience?

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