Friday, June 29, 2007

Unsettled Weather - Slow Carping

No reports for ten days, but it's not because I haven't been fishing. I've been out twice. Once was a skunk. The other was today. I debated going today as the weather report was for rain showers and wind all day and that's pretty much the way it turned out. I had to really work for the fish but I ended up with an 8 pounder. I'll blame the lack of further success on the weather, I guess. No fish in the shallows (that I could see) nearly all day. Then about 6PM I saw a couple of mud clouds and cast to one of them. Immediately I felt a resistance and set the hook. The fish bolted out of the cove I was in, taking my fly line and a good bit of backing. Once I put the wood to him with the 8 weight though, the battle was wrapped up fairly soon. Not a bad performance. Only wish I could have hooked a few more. Being the end of June I figured the carp spawn was over. However, I saw six different pods of fish swimming in circles out over deep water exhibiting the characteristics of spawning that I saw in fish throughout May. Are these late spawners? Is this some other behavior? At this point I have no idea. Here's the fish, which I released after posing.



smallmouth said...

Went out to wet wadein the evening of the same day but it was windy enough that you could not see down into the water. Thanks to the rock bass that helped me avoid getting skunked

Anonymous said...

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