Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Float Tube Mods

My fishing has been limited by the shape of my hands lately. Carpel Tunnel still. So, I've been doing a little work on my float tube. I often fish trout and bass from it using flyrods, so I decided to go all out and make something with that in mind. Here are some photos. Most of the mods are inspired by the ideas of others - especially those on the Big Fish Tackle Float Tube Forum. In the pic, the yellow pool noodle is attached to top of floating fish wire basket. I use this when I fish our in-town lake for stocker trout. Yum! Also seen in the pic immediately below are the blue/red inflatable PFD, the Fishin' Buddy fish finder, and the green Wood River fly fishing bag. Not seen in picture are the net, anchor bag, and fins.

The rod tubes are drop slotted for holding fly rods. Net slides in "T" attachment on far right. Slots are cut to keep net from turning. Gravity holds it in and it is offset so it doesn't tangle with rods.

Here's the frame disattached. It is held on the tube with clips and bungie cords. It can be disassembled into three parts by removing two bolts. Dark gray padding is foam pipe insulation held on with zip ties. Fishfinder holder is 3 inch black pipe held on by three hose clamps. Frame is bungied to bottom d-rings on tube.

Here is a shot of the shaped tubes, cut with a Dremel tool. All PVC is 1 inch shedule 20.

The cross bar in back that gives frame rigidity.

Fishin' Buddy finder attached.

Quick rod holder designed for holding rod while tying leaders, flies, etc.

Handy Wood River tackle bag (no longer made) fits perfectly into left hand pocket. In it I can carry all of my fly gear. Other float tube pocket holds extras like air horn, lunch, raincoat, bottled water, etc.

Here's the tool used for shaping the PVC. A $5 attachment to a $20 dollar tool.

I've had the tube on the water one time for a trial run since the remodel. It works very well keeping everything within reach. Fun to make. Fun to fish.