Thursday, May 15, 2008

Warm Weather at Last!

After several months of "unseasonably cool" temperatures we had a heat wave predicted for today and tomorrow. Well, 85 and 95 degrees f. probably doesn't seem warm to some but to Western Oregonians it is a real shock when your daytime average has been in the 50's and nights have been in the 30's. Weatherman says it may crowd 100 before the weekend is over.


I couldn't bear the long fishing dry spell any longer. We had talked about going north to the trout lakes but the $3.75/gal gas price really hurt when we filled the Durango so we opted for the carp ponds instead. Of course Mrs. zonker doesn't fish so she just dropped me off and she and Otis, our 6 month old Labrador spent half a day tooling around Eugene.

That left me free to pursue the fish - which I did with gusto. It's been a long winter and a long, cold spring. With the suddenly warm water, lots of spawning carp were about but it took me some time to find feeders. This chunky 10 pounder decided she liked me.

Some time passed before I found another active fish but this one finally moved. It weighed 8 pounds.

Mrs. zonker called me on the cell just as I hooked up with the largest fish of the day - this nice 13 pound small freight train. It was nice to see my bright orange backing again as she took off for the opposite side of the lake.

Great to get out again. My hands are steadily improving with the therapy. Looks like I might not need surgery.