Friday, June 15, 2007

Windy, Partly Cloudy Carping

I had a few afternoon hours to spare today so I went carping. It's much closer (distance wise) than some of the other fishing I like to do. It was another day when it was very difficult to see into the water. I did manage two fish. This one, which went 5 pounds:

And this one, which went 6 pounds.

The pictures were taken with my time release camera on a portable tripod. I just set it up in the area I fished and when I caught one, I carried it in the net to the spot that was set up. Both fish were released unharmed.

Earlier this year, when carp were spawning in this area, quite a few fish made their way up this ditch. I checked it again today but there was nothing there.

I made it home in time for supper and an early bedtime.



smallmouth said...

Nicely done! I'm going to have to figure out how to do the self portrait thing from my tube and kayak.

smallmouth said...

Did the wind stir up the water and decrease the visibility? Did you have to use an indicator?

If you go to my blog at and click on the Big Nymph you will see it in all its glory. If I can take fly shots like that I'll be very happy. I hope I can rediscover how I did that with my camera which has a lousy macro range.

Zonker said...


Check out the camera mount that ATFishing did for his tube on the Bigfish tubing board. He has a PVC mount that swings around in front of him to take the pics, then swings back out of the way.

I'm not doing well on the macro shots either. I have another camera that isn't water resistant. Now that summer is here I might try it.