Saturday, June 21, 2008

Encounters with Carpkind

It has been much too long since I've been fishing. A combination of work and Carpal Tunnel struggles.

I fixed that briefly today however. Though steelhead are in our local river I got out between 1 and 3PM and did some carping. Things were slow at first. Pods of spawners were cruising the surface but I could spot none in the shallows. I finally fished the smaller pond and managed to hook 3. The first wrapped my line around a pipe sticking out of the water. The other two fought well - one a 9 pounder and the other a 5. Nothing spectacular but a nice wiggle the end of the rod.

I did meet another carper who frequents the place I fished - apparently on different days. He's off on Monday and Tuesday, I usually come on Friday or Saturday. Nice to see someone else motivated to catch and release these hard fighting fish.

Here are the two fish that made it to shore. The larger is the first one.