Wednesday, June 6, 2007

April Carping Review

I've had some great carp fishing days in April and May of this year. I wasn't blogging then, of course, so here is a report from my fishing log from...

April 20, 2007

I got out for awhile today. The weather was beautiful! 60 degrees. Light breeze. High sun. Lots of carp in the shallows. Some big ones, too. I arrived at my favorite flat (the main one in the entire lake) and saw about 15 carp scattered across the span. I carefully stalked to within casting range. Just as I was stripping line from my reel to cast a large flock of geese spooked across the pond. There must have been 200 of them and they headed right for me. Needless to say, as all their honking got louder and louder and they passed directly overhead at about telephone pole height, all the places where I had seen fish were now just mud trails. Not a fish left in sight. I left the area to give it a rest. When I returned three girls on bicycles were throwing rocks in the water. (Sigh. No school today.) I left again and moved around the pond to the other side, returning in about an hour. When I did the kids were gone and a few fish had moved back in. This time I got off a few casts. This 10 pound hen took it right away.

I landed another that was about 6 pounds later in the day on a rust colored rubber legged Clouser Swimming Nymph but was mobbed by a group of kids on bicycles who wanted to know all about the fish, so I didn't get a picture. Needless to say, they were impressed. One kid kept telling the others that his dad was a fly fisherman and if he were here he would catch a bunch of those fish.

There is a pic of the Clouser Swimming Nymph on Wendy Berrell's blog. I've added orange rubber legs since that photo was taken.Anyway, as the warm days increase, I hope to have many more days like this - or better. Hope you do, too.


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