Monday, March 3, 2008

Take a Kid Fishing

That's what I did this last Saturday. I didn't fish much myself but tried to make sure my charges connected. Grandson Matt and his friend Cody ended up with 3-4 nice trout apiece using small jigs. It rained on us and was very cold. My not yet healed Carpal Tunnel hands really felt the cold. They turned blue.

It was a good trip though. Glad we connected, Matt and Cody!



smallmouth said...

Good to see the kids getting into fish. I was hoping to get out today to my winter pond but there's a storm watch for right around the time I would be driving home. Therefore I did not go. My friend and I called it off and of course it's been bright and sunny all day. If it doesn't start to snow around 4 p.m then they were completely wrong in their prediction.

Anyway glad to see you turning the kids on to little jigs. I've had so much success with micro jigs I have to force myself to tie something else.

You've inspired me I'll have to do some work on my BLOG now.

zonker said...

Hey Don,

Good to hear from you. Sorry you didn't get to go fishing. We're having 60 degree f. weather tomorrow with "abundant sunshine." Gonna be hard to maintain focus. That might even bring out a carp or two.

Get busy on your blog. I want to see see some fish. :-)