Monday, March 10, 2008

Quick Carping Trip

I had a little time this afternoon and though a storm was supposed to hit in the late afternoon I decided to go out for a bit anyway. I hooked and landed only one fish - this 8.5 pound Carp. Rain and wind hit about 5 PM which sent me running for the car. Naturally I didn't bring a rain coat. I did spot several more nice carp working around in the dead weeds in an area where I couldn't cast. As I was watching them a guy came up and asked me if I had caught any fish. When I told him I was fishing for carp with a flyrod he was instantly full of questions. We talked for 15 minutes or so and spotted several more carp in the area where I couldn't cast because of a high bank. Fish always hang out in that spot. Guess they know they're safe. Even if I could get off a cast to them I'd never land a fish as it is near some pretty heavy cover. It's nice to see fish in the shallows again.


Mike Duddy said...

great photos, i bet those carp go like crackers on light fly tackle

Carp Fishing said...

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Anonymous said...

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