Friday, November 16, 2007

Summer Steelhead in November

I went to the local river today to try out a new Lamiglas casting rod. I was running the stick through its paces, trying to see how far I could cast when this summer steelhead suddenly appeared and tried to crush the silver plated spoon I was throwing. Though I knew there were still some summer fish present, it is so late in the season he caught me off guard. Our summer fish don't spawn until January so there are still some in the river below the hatchery at the dam. A nice surprise and a good warmup for winter Steelhead fishing. Hope to do some of that this winter.


smallmouth said...


What an excellent way to test a new rod. It's more handsome than your golden bones but did it battle as hard. I'm guessing it did. How heavy was it.

I'm still working away till Christmas but I have a nice new guitar to show for it. Making music is almost as much fun as fishing.

Would you believe I've flirted with the darkside. I actually took along a light action baitcasting outfit the last time I fished the reservoir.

zonker said...

Steelhead was 11 pounds. And you're right. A great way to break in a new rod.

Glad to hear you got your new guitar. Send me a pic of it sometime.

I use the baitcaster in areas where there is limited access and little or no fly water available due to the fishing pressure.

john montana said...

zonker! glad to see you post something. I haven't heard much from you, hope all is well.
Justin and I would be into another carp fly swap this year, let me know what you think...