Saturday, November 24, 2007

Building Anticipation

What strange activities fill my open time this time of year. Pulling rods out of closets. Lubing reels. Winding new line. Sharpening hooks. Sorting tackle. Checking leaders. Watching weather reports and river guages. Surfing the boards. Perusing fish pictures. Writing to friends, talking steelhead. Dealing with the building anticipation. I usually set aside the fly rod this time of year as my access to good fly water is sharply limited in the high winter flows. It's still C&R, with single, barbless hooks - just a different configuration of tackle.
It will soon be here - the season of chrome torpedos. I can hardly wait and if nothing else takes over my time I plan to be out there in the cold, wet, gray Pacific Northwest living it up in pursuit of silver beauties like this one.


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