Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mid-week Carping

Look who's the star of the show - again. I had no days off last week so when an opportunity presented itself to get away from the office for the second part of the day Tuesday, I jumped. When I arrived at the carp ponds my friend Josh was there fishing for bluegills. He had a bag full. After exchanging greetings we talked fishing for a bit. While talking the calm water in front of us starting sprouting bubbles in several spots. I cast for about a half hour and finally got a take. I handed the rod off to Josh and he executed the landing honors flawlessly.

The fish was a five pounder.

I think Josh loves carp! It sounds to me like there may be a fly rod in his future.

He had reached the end of his stay and needed to head home. I abandoned the spot when another fisherman joined me - after we chatted for a bit about warmwater fishing opportunities. He indicated that he had a fly rod and was quite inquisitive at my use of this method for carp. Anyway, I headed over to the larger lake. After a while I got into some action.

Another five pounder...

A six and a half...

And a seven and a half.

One more fish was hooked but the hook popped out, making me think that I may have foul hooked him.

It was a relaxing few hours - a nice "brain broom" for a busy number of days. I left well before sundown and was home in time to return a couple of phone calls.


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