Friday, July 20, 2007

Young-Guns Carpin'

I took some young-guns carpin' today. My grandson Matt and his best friend Cody. Both are experienced fishermen. We found some willing fish in the spot I fished last time. Matt used his 8 weight flyrod and Cody used an 8 1/2 foot steelhead spinning rod. Weather was unsettled. The wind blew hard at times, calm at times. When it blew it was difficult to detect the takes, which were characteristically gentle. We did manage to hook some fish however. The following photos tell the story of the fishing and the results. Total score was 9 carp. This included 4 juvenile carp. A number of small largemouth bass and bluegills were also unintentionally hooked and landed.

Cody with first blood. A small carp.

Cody again with nice adult fish.

Matt hooks up.

They really pull hard!

Concentrate. Concentrate.
Why didn't I bring a chair?

Smaller fishies.

Surgical team hook extraction by two good friends.

Grandpa stayed behind the camera. A great day on the water.



smallmouth said...

Way to go Gramps!

Looked like Cody was gonna be dangerous with that spinning rod after getting the first two hookups. How was he rigged?

Zonker said...

I set him up with a single hook rigged on a 10 lb. leader below a barrel swivel and a very light sliding egg sinker. Two pieces of corn on the hook. Neither of the boys had ever hooked fish this big that fought this hard. I think they had a good time.