Friday, July 27, 2007

Day of the Seven Pound Carp

"Day of the Seven Pound Carp." At least that's what I'm calling it. I landed ten carp at my favorite lake today. Five of them weighed 7 pounds on the dot. Three were caught in rapid succession. Seemed like cookie cutter fish, though I'm not complaining. These were hard fighting fish.

Nothing else particularly stood out on this trip. Fish were similar sized to the last few trips to this spot. No really big ones. I did find a new flat that I had overlooked before. I was walking along and spotted a really nice carp cruising and occasionally dipping his head. I tossed out the San Juan Worm I had on my line but he just moved on. However another fish took shortly thereafter. Upon checking it turned out that this flat runs about 30-40 yards out from the shore and was being used by a good number of feeding fish. It was obscured by the murky water.

Besides the five sevens, I also landed a 5.0, a 4.0, a 3.5, and two juvenile carp. Hmm. Considering that the two juveniles were at least a pound, that's almost 50 pounds of fish. No wonder I'm getting spoiled.

Very warm today - uncomfortably so from mid-afternoon on. I quit about 6:00 P.M. with a fairly nice sunburn.

Here are photos of the day. The bullhead and the bluegill were unintentional extras.



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