Friday, February 8, 2008

February Carp - Nada

Looking at pictures of fish on the Internet is very motivating sometimes, especially when you've been cooped up for an extended period. Today, even while knowing that conditions were lousy, I broke my medical exile and got out on the water for a few hours. I didn't expect much and the results lived up to it. It was dark, rainy, and windy at times. Water temp was very low. It was nice just to get out and carry a fly rod around again even though I never found a target for my fly. All my favorite carp spots were deserted of fish including the nice lake shoreline above and the river stretch below. In fact, the river was completely blown out as you can see.

It will probably be at least a month before I can expect to find some fish venturing out of their winter lairs. Maybe I'll tie some flies. I did cast a bit to see how my wrists would respond. Things went well, though I wasn't completely without discomfort.

I dream of warmer days.



john montana said...

2-3 months...though I think i'll take a stab in late march if the water warms up...

zonker said...

I'm thinking the same. However, I couldn't resist a quick cruise around the carp pond this afternoon. No fish spotted. The water is still very cold.

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