Monday, September 10, 2007

Stillwater Trout Tubing

In spite of excess heat warnings from the weather service I decided to break from the carping today and chase some trout in a favorite pond. Though it was warm throughout the day I hoped to at least score a few fish as evening approached. Though the results weren't spectactular, it was rewarding. I spent my time in the float tube - something I have enjoyed for many years.

I also broke in a new fish finder - a Buddy 4200. This replaced an older model that I've used since the early 90's.

Fish didn't cooperate until nearly dark. As the water temp finally dropped a couple of degrees I caught four from 16-18 inches just before dark. Succesful fly was a black/red Seal Bugger and a black/red Beadhead Wooly Bugger.

A very nice change of pace.


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smallmouth said...

Welcome back to the coldwater world even thogh that trout water was pretty warm.